Paris Agreement United States Ratification

The Paris Agreement is a global agreement that was adopted in 2015 by 196 countries, including the United States. The objective of the agreement is to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, with an aim to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Paris Agreement was a significant step in the global fight against climate change, as it marked the first time that all countries agreed to work together to reduce emissions and tackle climate change.

The United States played a significant role in the development of the Paris Agreement, and it was seen as a major achievement when the U.S. ratified the agreement in 2016. However, in 2017, the United States announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, causing widespread concern and criticism.

The decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement was widely criticized by environmental groups, scientists, and other countries. Many argued that the United States has a responsibility to take action on climate change, given its status as one of the world`s largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

Despite the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, many cities, states, and businesses in the United States have pledged to continue to work towards the goals of the agreement. In addition, President-elect Joe Biden has promised to rejoin the agreement as soon as he takes office in 2021.

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